Swap A Bag produce delivery

Ready to eat herbs and vegetables delivered to your door

Love the idea of fresh produce outside your kitchen door but don't have time to garden then this could be for you:

  • We deliver bags of produce growing in certified organic potting mix to your door and take your old ones away.

  • The cost of the produce bags is comparable with purchasing produce from the supermarket. Some produce bags will last months without needing replacement.

  • No single use packaging.

  • Especially suited to leafy greens which are expensive in the shops and often have been sprayed with pesticides.

  • While you are eating the produce the plants will continue to grow, providing even more value for money.

  • When the produce is gone or out of season just swap out the old bags with the new ones are delivered so they can be reused. 

  • Bags pop straight in one of our self-watering gardens to make it even easier.

  • Maximise the produce grown in a small space, no more buying soil, planting seeds and waiting for your produce to mature.

  • Delivery available to parts of Auckland and Hamilton and surrounds.

Email us if you would like more information on this service.