Organic At Home Self-Watering Gardens

Proudly New Zealand Made from locally sourced sustainable Macrocarpa

System benefits

  • NZ made with long lasting sustainable Macrocarpa timber.

  • Self-watering system lasts up to two weeks between fills in summer.

  • Grow fresh healthy spray free herbs and vegetables - grow your own or have them delivered to your door. 

  • Easily relocate the entire system to another property.

  • Keep unruly plants like mint confined to their own bag.

  • Optional legs, wheels and covers for ultimate flexibility.

  • Gardens can be located on hard surfaces like decks and patios.​​

  • Growing from seed couldn't be easier, with ideal germinating conditions.

  • Gardening made easy following some simple rules.

  • Incorporates the square foot gardening philosophy resulting in more produce per square metre than conventional gardening.

  • Stagger planting is a breeze using grow bags ensuring ongoing produce throughout the season.

  • Gardens can become part of the flow of the yard and can be located depending on how often you need get food from them. 

  • Ong0ing gardening advice is provided to ensure your garden is setup to suit your needs.


Ultimate flexibility:

Optional legs, wheels, insect covers and ready to eat 'Swap a Bag' delivery service.

Perfect for people who

  • May want to move their garden to a new location (renters, commuters).

  • Do not have time to water their garden, or who just don't seem to be able to get the amount of water right.

  • Want fresh spray free food throughout the year.

  • Are sick of weeding their garden.

  • Are elderly or have mobility challenges.

  • Have tried gardening unsuccessfully and want to experience a simple effective gardening system.

  • Would like to purchase already planted gardens with a regular maintenance plan.

Stagger planting in bags can ensure ready to eat produce at all times during the growing season.


Benefits of subsoil irrigation 

  • The large reservoir requires minimal filling and can be setup to fill automatically.

  • Rainwater is stored in the reservoir acting like its own water storage tank. Great for the beach house and dry or isolated areas.

  • Plants are watered from below minimising diseases caused by splashing onto foliage.

  • ​Nutrients in the soil will be stored in the reservoir rather than being washed away, and other nutrients can be added to the reservoir to boost plant growth.

  • Some plants will be happy to send roots through the bag into water below acting as a hybrid hydroponic system.

Benefits of using porous grow bags

  • Organic At Home grow bags promote natural root pruning which produces a mass of fine roots for maximum nutrient uptake.

  • Have complete control over the growing medium used in the system.

  • Each bag can be planted at a different time to ensure a longer supply of fresh produce.

  • Ideal germinating conditions allow plants to be easily grown from seed, saving on purchasing seedlings and eliminating transplant shock.

  • The correct sized bag can be used depending on the variety of plant you want to grow saving on soil costs.

  • May warm more quickly than soil so can get a jump start on the season.

  • The top of the bag can be rolled down so that it is flush with base of plant. When topdressing fabric can be rolled up as required to match soil level.

  • Bags can be relocated depending on what produce is available at what time of the season. For example you can keep produce in season closer to your kitchen for easy access.

  • Plants are able to be overwintered then put outside once frosts have passed. For example capsicum plants can be grown for multiple seasons.​


Root Pruning creates a dense

root ball with no root circling

Customer support

  • Purchase any of the complete systems and receive advice via email.

  • Installation of the systems will be available on request. Please ask us for a quote. 

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