Delux macrocarpa self-watering garden with optional legs. Comes with either 4 x 11L grow bags perfect for leafy greens, or 5 x 7L bags perfect for herbs.


Please note there may be a wait of upto 5 weeks for installation due to current demand.

Delux Macrocarpa (1200mm x 350mm)

  • 1.2m x 350mm Macrocarpa Delux self-watering garden with optional capping and legs.

    Gardens are made of long lasting oiled dressed Macrocarpa timber and lined with a potable water liner resevoir.

    These gardens come with either 4 x 13L 'leafy green' bags or 5 x 8L 'herb bags'. Or you can chose to purchase fully grown bags of your choice for $10 a herb bag and $12 a 13L bag.

    In the middle of summer the resevoir in the gardens should last 1 - 2 weeks after filling.

    Please note that to keep the gardens looking 'new' they need to be oiled every 6 months.