Who Are We

Organic at Home is a family business  set on a rural block in Te Kauwhata. Our nursery sits seamlessly along side our family home, olive grove, orchard and free ranging chickens. 


The business itself grew out of my passion for gardening and knack for problem solving. I spent the first 20 years of my working life in high stress engineering roles in New Zealand and abroad.  My partner and I then moved to Te Kauwhata to raise our three sons. While enjoying my leisure time on the land my engineering background kicked into action and I set about designing a system that would solve the problems most commonly experienced by home gardeners. I spent 5 years researching and developing the self-watering garden system after work, winding down in the garden with my headlamp on well after dark. Finally happy with my product I bit the bullet and quit my day job for a new life following my passion for growing good, healthy food.


My partner and three young sons have watched the business take shape, helped out with the wheel barrow and enjoy the important role of taste testers. 


Get me talking about gardening and in particular my gardening system and you won't be able to stop me. So please feel free to contact me to discuss gardening and what we can do for you.