Healthy home grown herbs and vegetables the easy way

Our New Zealand made self-watering garden system makes it easy for you to grow healthy herbs and vegetables at home. The raised garden beds and garden planter boxes made of sustainable Macrocarpa are suited to all types and sizes of property, from an urban balcony to a lifestyle block. Our garden system reduces water and fertiliser requirements through sub-soil irrigation using a wicking system. Grow more in less space using less soil and water. Our vegetable and herb grow bags promote natural root pruning and allow for concentrated planting techniques and larger plants in a smaller area.


Love the idea of fresh food outside your kitchen door but don't really have time to garden then check out our Swap A Bag delivery service. Using this service we deliver nutritious ready to eat vegetables and herbs to your door still growing in our garden 'Swap A Bags'. We can even keep your self-watering garden looking great by removing the old produce bags and relacing them  with fresh ones for you. Gardening couldn't be any easier!