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Macrocarpa NZ Made Horizontal Migration Worm Farm with legs

Benefits of this system:


Natural Macrocarpa wooden look.

Once one side is full start the other side, and worms will migrate to the new food through the mesh.

Non treated Macrocarpa allows some breathing and also insulates better than plastic keeping worms cool in summer and warmer in winter. A stable environment means happier more productive worms, more castings and more eggs.

No moving trays around.

Two separate juice reservoirs. Ability to use 'worm juice' from a completed side which won't have the nasty juices percolating down from the rotting food that vertical systems have.

Mesh divider can be removed to make harvesting completed castings easier.

Large capacity


Legs, taps, different sizes etc.

We can make custom bins to suit your needs. Want it larger or smaller, with or without legs, drainage at side or underneath etc just ask us for a quote.

Delivery available in Auckland, Hamilton and in between, delivery within 10 working days of payment. Can supply optional worms and bedding for no extra delivery cost, and show you how to use your new bin.

Macrocarpa Worm Farm Horizontal Migration